Thursday, April 11, 2013

Certain types of people

Sometimes you just wish people were intelligent/ decent enough to understand how ignorant and abhorrent their actions are. Sometimes, with a lack of compassion, I would love to see aforementioned ignorant wastes of meiosis get their "just desserts" because they are legitimately despicable, loathsome, repugnant scum.

I get it: you're selfish and insecure, and disloyal, and ignorant. I understand... that you are a lying, abusive, manipulative, deceptive, narcissistic piece of shit. I understand that you have literally abandoned all semblances of common decency because the world is a "scary place" and you're honestly one of the single most pitiable beings I have ever met.

You don't recognize that other people have feelings. You have a nearly sociopathic disregard for anything but your own immediate gratification, and that leads directly to you being cast as an inconstant lush; an inconstant and caustic wretch.

If people really cared about you, they wouldn't let you act that way. So, okay: surround yourself with a bunch of equally insipid, useless, shiftless, futureless slime. See how far that gets you in five years, or ten.
I can't wait to watch your dreams fail, and that's sick, and I hate saying that and meaning it. I relish looking down on you right now: not from any pedestal, but from a place above the latrine you call a "life."

I take your enmity as a sign that I'm doing something worthwhile in my life; because you're wasting yours on stupid people, and alcohol, and being ignorant. You are disgraceful, distasteful, and worthless as anything more than an illustrative example of what not to do; who not to be.

I am a firm believer than everyone deserves compassion and understanding and someone there to give them the benefit of the doubt; but there is a certain point where renewed chances are a sign of our own vapid hopefulness that you'll magically realize you're a poor excuse for a human being.

You lack the fundamental gift of empathy which characterizes decent, compassionate people. You are simply an abominable example of the depths to which human arrogance can sink. You have no global awareness, no concerns outside your next drink, your next f**k, your next insipidly fleeting connection with some stranger or idiot who you frankly deserve because you're both burdens on other decent, ambitious, passionate human beings.

So maybe try to get your shit together. Or don't. Honestly, you deserve the people you're surrounded with: idiots, mooncalves, slackers. You deserve them because you're one of them. They don't care about you anymore than you care about anything but feeding whatever your next urge is: attention, sex, alcohol, what have you. And one day, when you're alone, and bitter, and the world crashes down around you, I can't wait to find out.

I won't rub it in your face. I won't say "I told you so," and I sure as shit won't offer to help you back to your feet. I will, however, be comforted with how much better I know you than you know yourself.
I won't say you deserve to suffer: nobody deserves that. I will just say, that you reap what you sow, and when you're knee deep in shit trying to pick up the pieces of a wasted life, nobody worth having around will be there.

And please, let us not misrepresent this. I'm not angry, I'm disgusted and bitter towards these types of people. They are neither smart enough nor worthy enough to ruin my night. Some words just need to be said.
Let is also be said that sometimes peace is better than being right. I know that words won't change your repulsive character or alter your morally bankrupt paradigm. You are, at heart, the type of people too self-absorbed and shallow to understand anything with depth or breadth, or meaning. 

Edit: This was written a long time ago, and while it is mostly just a spewing vent of vitriolic indignation, I find that I need to update this to encompass more.

So let me start: you are a pathetic, dishonest, vindictive little trash heap. Your abuse of trust is matched only by the fact that you can't help but play the victim. It can never be your fault. And please, stop trying to moralize your shitty behavior... you weren't doing it for anything more than your own petty, puerile satisfaction over some perceived non-slight. Go ahead and drown your sorrows in your drug of choice, because no expects you to be anything more than a coward. I used to expect more, but you showed your true colors pretty well. You should be ashamed of yourself, if you could stop being so self-absorbed for long enough to realize that you're in the wrong. The best part about there not being a heaven is so that the dead won't see the type of person you've become, because I bet good money they'd be ashamed of you too. You're a sick, sad, pathetic child, and no amount of pawning off your anger and guilt, or lying to your friends about why you're so upset will change the fact that you shit in the bed, and you get to lay in it.

So I resign myself to my silence, not because I don't want to tell you you're intrinsically awful human beings, but because I frankly know you'll remain worthless in spite of anything you're told/ shown/ exposed to.

Don't ever mistakes my silence for ignorance, 
My calmness for acceptance, 
Or my kindness for weakness.