Friday, February 28, 2014

Words, for You

I could write about you
   About passion
      And desire
The way the fire in your eyes
Could burn into my head
   And leave me breathless
Your hungry flesh on mine
Pulling the words from my lungs
As I fold into you

I would sing about you
   About pain
      And the way it haunts your eyes
Or the loneliness
That haunts your sleepless nights
The weight of the world
Resting around your neck
         Like a noose
Woven from tears and regrets

I can write your humanity
Scars on skin
   And across your mind
Touching dreams long past
      And hopes retained
The comforting weight
Of your head on my shoulder

I could write about you
   And the way your tears
      Kiss my skin
But I can't write the secrets
Resting behind your crying eyes
I can only remind the world
      That you have them

Every Love is a Little Death

Every love
Is a little death of self
A break from what you were
Becoming something else
Through their gentle touch
Two streams coming together
Transient, ever changing
Perhaps changing together
Through rapids
Falling along the rocks
Flowing smoothly
And though they may drift apart
They are both altered from the meeting
Our waters twining
Until we cannot be separated
From our interactions
Leaving part of me in you
And some of you, in me
Flowing ever onward
Until we reach the sea

Every love
Is a little death of self
Giving some of what you were to them
And taking them into you
Until your waters
Cannot be distinguished from theirs
Until your parting
Pulling us apart
Flowing away
And though you are alone
You carry them with you

And your shores are changed

Thursday, February 27, 2014

More poems

These are all various forms of waka poetry
*Katauta 5-7-7
*Choka 5-7-5-7-5-7...5-7-7
        -Often used for important events, repeat 5-7 pairs as desired, end with 5-7-7
*Tanka 5-7-5-7-7
*Sedoka 5-7-7-5-7-7
        -Typically written as lovers talking, so a 5-7-7/5-7-7 call and response
*Busokusekika 5-7-5-7-7-7

I experimented with these forms (except Choka and Tanka) here


To share words with you
Our thoughts meeting like lovers
Dancing with views and ideas
      To take your voice in
      An intimate wind for me
      From your soft lips to my ears


A fire in my mind
Now burning through my body
Immolating me
Consumed from inside, I scream
The words pouring from my lungs
A black smoke of perspective


Words in brief, for you
For words have built our friendship
Sharing our lives through our thoughts


I would share my muse
But she is my secret trust
The single rose in
The dead garden of my heart
A light which calms my darkness
A voice silencing my noise


Words combined in verse
A poem on poetry
Perhaps pathetic
The poet inside of me
Poetically prepared
For potential promises

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Face Looking Back

A sad expression of pain
On a face so tired
It seemed to cry for peace
Shoulders bent 
Under the weight of their troubles
As if the world rested upon them
Haunted eyes 
Empty of the fire of passion

Was this the pain I had caused?
Was this the source of my regret?
I felt sorrow welling up inside me
Misery caving in my chest

I saw the light die
In the eyes that held my gaze
Saw a sadness so sincere
It nearly brought me to my knees
Tears filled my eyes at the thought 
Of the pain they had to bear
Then with hands outstretched, we touched
Something cold and very real

I whispered I was sorry
Pulled my hand away in fear
I couldn't bear the truth I saw
So I just turned from the mirror

Somnolent Solace

There are moments
When I hear the world
In the wind through the leaves
Or the voices of children laughing
As we pass them in the park
In the soft sighs you make
As you sleep beside me
While my eyes follow the whirling blades
Of the ceiling fan
Lost in the electric hum
Of the dying motor
Unable to sleep
Through the thoughts in my head
Which threaten our tranquility

You roll towards me
Your hand rests on my chest
For a moment I shudder
At the life I could never give you
And wish to fade away like a dream
Before the sun reveals my flaws to you
There are moments
Where the world stops for you
And I can hear myself again
While you smile sleepily
And ask if I have slept at all
Your tired lips on my skin
I lie to you, then
About my rest, but not my love for you
As if my love 
Could mend my sleepless nights

Sounds of Love

I could write symphonies around the melody
Of your voice as it speaks my name
Or whispers your affection into my ear
Your breath curling into my senses
With the shivering pulse of our love
The timbre reminiscent 
Of the rain ringing like bells on tin rooves
On that night we sat, holding hands
Gently, as if they were spun glass
So as to not break the moment
The intimate sigh of violins as our lips met
Timpani pounding out our synchronous pulses
As we are lost to the music
With the blaring trumpets of passion
Shaped in the contour of our caresses
I remember
You tasted like a song
Whose words are always on my lips
And you told me that all songs are beautiful
But all songs must end

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Assorted Poems

Delicate spirals
Entwined like lovers
Tracing time back
To the primordium
A time capsule
Holding the key to every life
That was, is, or will

We danced
I, a planet
You, a star
Locked together, helpless
Knowing: the closer you pulled
The hotter I would burn
Until nothing was left of me

Driven by winds of circumstance
Not forward
But moving still
Heedless of need
Without design
A slave to the stochastic

-Sleepless City-
Street lamps
Shining a false yellow sunrise
Illuminating a world
Which sleeps around me
My thoughts too heavy
For somnolence
I wait for dawn

Beauty of the Universe

The beauty of the universe
Is that the poet is the poetry
The artist is the art
And it exists within us
As we exist within it

We are temporary dancing embers
In the conflagration of the cosmos
            Forged in stars
At the heart of galaxies
Risen from unthinking chance
To the guided heart of consciousness

Reality needs no excuses
It is beautiful in and of itself
And needs no story to be so
From distant eons we are rising apes
Responsible for our own endings

A brief light of curiosity
In the darkness of ignorance
Here, a moment
Until we fade to nothingness
No guiding force but our conscience
Alone, but for each other
Candles in the wind of an uncaring existence
Snuffed as quickly as we rise

The beauty of the universe
Is that it is existent within our perception
And we share this transient moment
Connected by the merest act of living

The poet is the poetry
The artist is the art
And it exists within us
As we exist within it

Monday, February 17, 2014

Assorted tanka poems

Tanka is a poetry form known from classical Japanese literature, a sub-form of waka poetry. It uses a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count format. I was first introduced to this form of poetry by my good friend Jessy, who herself is quite the amazing poet & writer (And friend, and person, but those points aren't relevant to this talk.)**

So of course, those of you who know me on twitter have probably seen a few of these, but I wanted to take the time to compile my most recent/favorite ones here, in case anyone is looking for bad examples of the tanka format.

Fight against the noise
Which screams through my fucked up head
Burying my self
Under burning waves of thought
I drown with lungs full of breath

Hearts beating in sync
A burning fire between us
Consumed with these dreams
Graced by cinnamon kisses
From lips I shall never taste

Our dreams crash like planes
Shooting stars with no wishes
Bright across the sky
As ghosts we drift through wreckage
Hoping that nothing survived

You are the soft waves
And I, a rock on the shore
Your gentle kisses
Wearing me down to nothing
While you persist without me

Longing for closure
For sordid self-conclusion
The answer in hand
To a question never asked
No goodbye or kiss goodnight

We came together
Two ships crashing in the night
Tearing us open
Spilling out our hopelessness
Into the cold Atlantic

Lovers wait by shores
For ships that will never come
Waves wearing away
At the sand and stone
As waiting wears their patience

Sometimes heroes lose
Sometimes the villains do win
Ships are lost at sea
And lovers wait without hope
Life is not a fairytale

Underneath your bed
Or stalking you through your head
The monsters are real
You cannot escape their claws

But you can learn to fight them

The Universe within Us

From a spark
To the infinite periphery
Of our perception
Ensnaring our senses
As we fall to wonder

The depths of the depthless
The edge of the edgeless
Ever moving onward, outward
An eternity of us
Growing beyond the scope of our existence
Existent beyond the scale of our lives

Staring into the oblivion
Which comprises our entirety
Desperately seeking
Knowledge of the complete
To know ourselves

For we are both the part
And the whole
As I am part of you
And you are all of me