Sunday, November 16, 2014

Writing prompt: falsely convicted

Writing prompt: You have been found guilty of murder, but it was an accidental killing brought on by hilarious circumstances. [Word Count:150]

Ron was an asshole, but I hadn't meant to kill him.

I hadn't known Ron was sleeping with her, and when it had come out in court nobody had been more shocked than me. Honestly, I’d always thought Ron was an asshole, but had never borne him ill will. We’d been working late, lounging on a break when that asshole tossed a banana peel on the floor. He told a joke that was actually funny. I’d slapped him on the back. The jolt forward landed him on the banana peel and he slipped forward, like in a cartoon, his body propelled through glass of the tenth floor window to the parking lot below. The cameras had shown what appeared to be an aggressive shove. Now here I was, on the fast train to Fuckedville, about to take a lethal injection for that clumsy fucker.

Man, Ron was such an asshole.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


We are falling leaves
Blown on winds of circumstance
Too lost in the fall
To see the beauty of life
As we rush past it to death
Our colors a bright false fire
So that they don't remember our death
But can only remark
On the beauty of our passing

I have forgotten
More love than I ever felt
Ruined more beauty
Than I have ever noticed
Inhaled the smoke
Of a thousand burning bridges
Misplaced the keys
To a million secret treasures
But I never forgot you
Or the songs you sang to me
Or how the world ruined us

When I speak to you
I desire my words
To reach your ears like gunshots
Startling and sharp
Silence violently lost
Broken by my softer thoughts
When I speak of you
I desire my words to tear down walls
A disruption of our complacency
Sending my thoughts into your head
Where they mingle with yours
And give birth to new ideas
About who you are
And who you could be

I feel like the captain
Going down with his ship
Call it duty or devotion
Call it folly if you will
To me, the water in my lungs
Feels like love
Adrift on indifferent seas
Which pull you further away from me
Than my thoughts ever pushed you
You smile from the lifeboat
As waves of doubt overtake me
And I feel your hands
Pulling me from the depths

Your ghost is every song I hum
When I don't realize I'm doing it
And though I sometimes forget the words
Your melody is always with me
Your memory is the movement of my fingertips
While I lose myself in thoughts
Drumming along the tabletop
Like a stuttering heartbeat
Or grazing along your skin
Tender brushstrokes
Spelling words I'll never speak
In images you'll never see

You were a masterpiece
A road map of wounds
Telling a beautiful story
And I cried the day
My name appeared on your heart
Alongside the patchwork of old dreams
And new hopes
I knew you were beautiful
The moment I saw your scars
A blank canvas is only beautiful for the potential
A blank book pristine
But empty

You are a masterpiece
A reminder of the beauty
Of a picture painted
And a story told