Sunday, November 15, 2015

No new thoughts, today

I have no new thoughts today, and really nothing to offer. My family and friends in Beirut and Paris are safe, and I'm eternally grateful for this fact. It is with the heaviest of hearts that my mind allows me, today, to realize that there are people who on't get to share my piece of mind. I don't want to politicize any of the recent events, though they are. I don't want to discuss my thoughts about cause/effect an what we can do. My silence now, is not indifference. It is grief and respect for a world where this happens all too often. The shortsightedness of humanity is stunning.The raw inhumanity of people, is appalling. The strength of will is inspiring, and the resilience and strength.

Right now, I want to just be grateful, and to extend my deepest sympathies and all of my thoughts to those who, right now, can only mourn and recover. I stand with them in their time of need.

There will be more, but for now, I only wish to send love to everyone around the world who is suffering, be it from these recent tragedies, or their own personal ones.

I don't quite recall
If I read the words
Or saw the flashing images
On a screen
But I do recall that my drink paused
Before it reached my lips
And I stared, blankly
With hollow heart
At the world unfolding, darkly
Within mind's reach
As if the dust, and tears, and blood
Were my own
And it was not my hand alone
Reaching for phones or keyboards
Or any kind of peace to be had
As we struggled, across continents
To reach loved ones through the fear of the unknown
A thousand dying fires
Quenched by a million crying eyes
Voices raised
In a threnody for peace
That has been lost
Across the world
Scattered in the shell casings
Bright on the floor
And we all wept
With anger, and sadness
And more than enough fear
To fill the oceans