Thursday, January 28, 2016


Words seem so cheap and vulgar
Easily misplaced
But if your words are my undoing
I shall gladly be undone
For fear of your ears misconstruing 
I will sweetly bite my tongue
Cutting off my words
Before they find the grace to leave my lips
Fluttering like birds
Caged behind my teeth
Unwilling to reap
What careless words would sow

Falling forward
One silent moment at a time
Stumbling through times
When no clever turn of phrase
Or banal cliche
Would serve a purpose
Beyond filling the moment
With hollow prose
So I hoard my words
Like some ancient dragon
Seeking only to give you the ones
With the most appropriate value
At the right time

There are things
Which I wish to know
Like how to love well
By making myself vulnerable
Or how to be comfortable
With anything except loneliness
And minutiae about the nature of life
Or maybe the melting point of chocolate

And there I things I wish to say
Like how beautiful the sky looks
Even in bad weather
And how it's blue because of Rayleigh scattering
And the limits of the human photoreceptors
Or how awful it is
To fill a lovely silence
With uncertain words
When actions can suffice

There are things
I would wish to say to you
Though I have never found the phrase
Or dictionary definition
Of any words, in any language
Which could equal a kiss, or caress
Or sitting on opposite ends of the couch
Each lost in our own world, together
But I see the need for those words
In silent glances
And love unseats pride, every time

These words, now
Seem less wasted
Telling tales of hope, and love
And of colorful fish in the warm ocean
Things may change slowly
Wearing my rough edges smooth
Like waves on rocks
Or high grit sandpaper
My only hope being
That after we've drawn in the edges of the map
And there are no more mountains to climb
Nor more monsters to slay
You'll have the grace to forgive me
For the words I'll never say