Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wishing Wells

If I had words for you
Or looks to spare
Freely would they pass between us
Alas I have but time
The most precious gift to share
And even that feels wasted
Truth unfolding in distant eyes
Burying ourselves, to wash our hands
Of this self-destructive misfortune
Waving from the bridge
As the ship sinks below the waves
Black hopes breaking on the rocks
As the bodies wash ashore
We'll dance to falling stars
And memories of better days

Your perfection proving
The divinity I deny
Dancing around you
A perfect heart-string marionette
I swear, it still tears me apart
But as much as I wished for it
Nothing ever changed, except me
Marching rank-and-file
Waiting for a chance to die
Finding the purest truth in life
Is that our lives are built
On beautiful lies

Sorrow and regret
Building the pain of understanding
Days pass like drifting clouds
In time, while we laugh away the feelings,
The flowers on our graves will die
And our names will be forgotten
Like the stories behind every scar we bear
Falling from our graces
Like pennies into wishing wells
With just as little rhyme or reason
How naive we were to believe
That immortality meant
That we would live forever
We are only ghosts, piloting our bodies to the grave

I never wanted
To be here and unwelcome
But here I am, beside you
I would rather be
As such forgotten memories
Than live forever here