Friday, June 24, 2016

Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow
Please burn away today
Make me safe again
Let me forget my yesterdays
And bleed away my pain

And if I never get
To see your sunrise again
Please know I fucking tried
I couldn’t hold on to your promise
But I don’t want to say goodbye today

Dear tomorrow
Will you be there for me
Even if I disappoint
And forget the lessons
Of all of my yesterdays?

And if you never say
That I’ll get to be okay
I hope you understand
Why I couldn’t take your hand
And move forward with my life
Accepting how you gave up on me

Dear tomorrow
Please take away today
Help me to forget
All those wasted yesterdays
The people I've hurt
And mistakes that I have made

This isn’t about being beautiful
It’s about finding beauty in this world
This isn’t about being perfect
It’s about finding yourself
And making yourself better than you were

To all the broken ties
And bridges burned around my life
To every wall I’ve built
To seal off this shattered heart
Maybe tomorrow can be a brand new start