Friday, March 24, 2017

Burning, Alive, For You

Fading lines blurred
Edges bleeding as memories pale
Things you left, scattered about
And here and there
I find your hair on my clothes
Or in my blankets
Sweet reminders, caught at the periphery of our senses
Like the faint whiff of perfume
Fading at the edges of passion
As it burns inside
Like an eternal flame
Bearing the heat within
That lingering shock
At the tips of my fingers
The memory of lines traced
Down the warm landscape
Of soft, sweet skin

There are photographs
Behind glass
Cradled memories
Of the wisp of smiles
That lay dormant under the cold ice
Of days and times before
Where the darkness was more a part of me
Than I knew how to be comfortable with
Emboldened, embrightened
The little flame melted away walls
Placed by the cold, dead hands
Of undying demons, writhing inside of me
Snakes in a pit
Singing siren songs with poisoned lips

I sit, under old trees
Where your name is not carved beside mine\
But under whose leaves, our hearts reside
As if a phone call would be enough
To make up for soft words
Whispered directly into ears
Curling through the cold
Warmed from within
By the same heat I feel
From your hand, pressed to my chest
Heart pulsing, pounding
Like a monster created
By mad science
Finding life at last
Sweet, cinnamon kisses lingering like smoke
As if my memory would sustain me
Past the long days without
While you sit
Not alone at all
But merely apart, for now

Throwing petals to the wind
Tossing them aside like overwrought cliches
To drift away 
On cold beaches, where the sun shines
On your face
While the moon shines on mine
In slumber, a world away from you
Though not alone
As you are the fire now
A sort of artificial, eternal dawn
Melting the ice I'd bound around my heart
To hold me in the darkness
Where the snakes and demons once resides
To dance and be merry
A darkness which no longer feels like home